Emerging Artist - Invited to Be in the 2020 Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival!

Emerging Artist - Invited to Be in the 2020 Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival!

Two nights ago, I received an email of Congratulations stating that I had been accepted to join the Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival. This show is the largest in the Southwest and top ranked arts festival in Texas. I legit sit here thinking, "How did I get this lucky?". This is a dream come true!

I learned about this festival from a fellow vendor at a craft show I did back in October. They had been an emerging artist and said that I should apply! So I started doing research for it, and decided to take a chance and apply!

What is an emerging artist? Anyone who hasn't been in a juried show can apply. What is a juried show? A panel of paid people will vote based only on the photos of products and an artist statement. They vote "Yes, No, and Maybe" on the first day, and anyone who makes it to the next round gets voted on a scale of 1-7, (excluding 4).

Now, there were over 1100 applications, and only 232 spots. As an emerging artist, I am not sure how many they accepted. But being an emerging artist means a lower booth fee, and mentorship. It's the perfect opportunity for someone like me, who is trying to get my business running well.

The show is April 16-19, 2020. I have about 5 months to get prepared. Which means making as much inventory as absolutely possible. Last year, there were about 400,000 people. Almost half a million! I can't imagine that many people shopping! This could be a huge deal for me. And I am ecstatic!

I huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me so far, and has encouraged me to not be afraid and just DO IT SCARED!

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