Not Oxidized vs. Oxidized

Not Oxidized vs. Oxidized

So, what's with oxidation?

Without going into the actually scientific chemical reasons something oxidizes, let's just talk about the basic. Certain metals will darken over time due to exposure to oxygen, oils, lotions and such. This is normal, and not a harmful thing at all! The two main metals I use; copper and silver filled (soon to be sterling silver, stay tuned!), will oxidized over time. I find that copper oxidizes much more quick than silver does. Copper starts as a bright copper color, and even after a few days after being handled, with start to darken or brown. Silver will turn grey to black over time.

I personally LOVE the look of an oxidized piece of jewelry. You will generally always see my copper pieces oxidized. That is my style, and what I like to do as an artist. For silver, I do like it both bare and oxidized. So you may see it both ways in my shop. And if I have a bare piece, and you buy and request that it be oxidized, I am more than happy to do it!

How do I oxidize? I use a solution called Liver of Sulfur. It is a non-harmful gel that I add to hot water, submerge the pendant, and it turns the metal black. I the use a grade 0000 piece of steel wool and gently polish the wire under warm water until all the high points of the wire is polished. What this does is brings out the highlights making them the original color, and the low points stay dark. You are then able to see the detail of the wire work much easier. It also gives it a more antique look. 

Take a look at the photo of the silver pendant showing the oxidized and non oxidized version!

Comment below and let me know which version YOU love!

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