Polishing Cloths

Polishing Cloths

I now offer mini polishing cloths with every order!

I always oxidize my creations, and polish it to give it an antique look, and makes it to where you can really see the details of the weaves and wraps while keeping the high points light and the low points dark. It will continue to oxidize (darken) from air contact, and oils from skin. All you need to bring those high points back to a lighter color is to give it a quick polish!

These squares should last you a while depending on how often you polish your jewelry! Once it's all used up, (mostly black instead of yellow), you can get full size polishing cloths on Amazon! I recommend the Sunshine brand, or, this one as a lower priced alternative.

I no longer recommend using steel wool to polish your jewelry. It does work very well to polish, but the pieces of steel wool can get stuck in your jewelry, and if you can't remove it, it will rust.

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