Polishing your Pendant

Your pendant is made of either bare copper wire, or silver filled wire. Because it is not coated, it will tarnish, which is called oxidation. Oxygen, oils from skin, and lotions can speed up the oxidation process, which means your pendant may darken over time. It makes it look antiqued, which is the look that I really love.

If you would like to bring back some of those copper highlights, you can polish your pendant by using grade 0000 steel wool (which can be found at any hardware store, Wal-mart, or Amazon) and gently rubbing the wool on the wire under running water. This polishes the high points, getting rid of the darker color, and brings out the detail in your wire.

Once you finish polishing, dry the pendant thoroughly before storing.

You can polish your pendant anytime you see that it's darker than you like.

See video below where I polish a pendant that I made a few weeks prior.

TThis video is available on my "Jewelry Care" page in the menu bar at the top. Go there anytime you need to watch the video!

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