Silver Earrings

Sterling Silver & Siver-Filled wire earrings.

ABOUT SILVER-FILLED WIRE: Silver-filled is a wire where the outer 10% is sterling silver, while the core is brass. There is a very small amount of nickle on the interior between the silver and brass that helps keep the sterling silver from diffusing into the brass. It is not on the outer portion of the wire, and it is about .01% of the overall wire composition.

The 10% Sterling silver outer is a thick layer that will uphold to a lot of polishing without exposing the brass underneath. Silver filled wire helps keep prices of the pendants lower, while having the beauty of silver.

For earrings that are not oxidized, I am more than happy to oxidize it for you after your purchase, if you request it. Be sure to add in the notes at checkout if you would like me to oxidize and polish it for you. Check out this blog post to see the difference of oxidation and non oxidation.

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