Jewelry Care

    Copper jewelry can be kept for decades if taken care of properly. Many of us have some articles of clothing which need a little extra care (such as hand washing or dry cleaning). My copper jewelry would be considered a piece that may need a little extra attention and care to keep it beautiful.

    I oxidize most of my jewelry, which gives it an antique look (patina) and shows details of the wire weaves. Copper and Silver jewelry will continue to darken over time from exposure to the air, and oils and lotions on the skin. This is normal! To bring back some of that copper or silver shine on the high points, use a polishing cloth to clean the oxidation off the jewelry. I provide a small polishing cloth with every order. You can purchase extra polishing clothes from me as an add-on here. If you would like to purchase a normal sized cloth, I recommend this one, or the Sunshine brand cloth.

    I do not use lacquer, as lacquer is thick can chip off and look undesirable. However, certain pieces may have a protective layer of Renaissance Wax, which is a microcrystalline wax that was developed in England in the 1950's. This polish is used in antique restoration and museum conservation around the world, as well as commonly used to polish and conserve metal objects. This wax will help prevent oxidation, and prevent the harmless skin discoloration.

    Cleaning a Pietersite Cabochon necklace
    Pietersite pendant necklace

    If your jewelry gets dirty, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush and a dab of dawn soap to gently clean it under warm water.

    Wipe with a clean soft cloth to dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before storing. You can use a blow dryer on cool to dry it quickly.

    Do not bath, exercise or swim in your jewelry.

    Keep in a cool, dry place of its own. An airtight container is best to store to slow oxidation. Avoid putting it in a pocket or purse as that could cause wire to bend.

    My jewelry does have small pieces, and is not recommended for children under 13. The stones are wrapped tightly and checked before shipping. If the wires are bent out of place, the stone can pop out as I do not use any glue or solder. But this would take quite a bit of force and should not happen with basic wear and handling.

    If you have any questions at all, or have any issues with your jewelry, please don't hesitate to contact me! Your satisfaction is very important to me, and I want you to truly be happy with your purchase!


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