Hand Forged Copper Cuff Bracelet with Seraphinite Gemstone

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About the Cuff:
This cuff is made of 100% bare copper sheet. I cut the sheet, anneal, fold and hammer and repeat until the desired look is achieved. This cuff showcases a Seraphinite Gemstone.

Seraphinite is a dark green gemstone with shimmering feature type strokes which causes chatoyancy, which is the name for the optical effect from light bouncing off at certain angles. It is found in Eastern Siberia in Russia. Named after the biblical Seraphim angels. Discovered by Nikolay Koksharov.

Length: 6 inches
Width: 2 inches

Production time:
Please allow up to 1-3 business days before shipment.

Your jewelry will be packaged in a cotton lined, white gift box. (Perfect for gift giving!) and mailed in a bubble mailer for safe travels.

Jewelry Care:
Copper will darken over time, (oxidation), and is both normal and beautiful. To keep the high points of the copper bright, polish regularly with a polishing cloth. For more in-depth information on my jewelry care, please click here.

Please note that because this cuff is made by hand and from flexible wire sheet, it is not 100% perfect in shape. The hand made quality of this piece is unique and made with a lot of love, and has beauty in its imperfections.

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Handmade in Justin, Texas.
Thank you for supporting a small, handcrafted, local business!

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